About Me.

Hi! I am Jime Serrano, a Web & Content Designer with 5+ years of experience in the field of Visual Communication. I’ve been the lead project manager for several event branding projects, including: conferences, church events, retreats, anniversaries & more. 

I am passionate about finding creative & practical ways that will effectively communicate with others what you or your business is all about. 

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The Web Design Deal

Let’s be honest. In this day and age, every business needs a website, but chances are you already knew that and that is why you´re here. Maybe you´re a small-business or freelancer with a unique talent or product that the world NEEDS to see. However,  you might be a “one-man¨ (or woman) operation with a limited amount of time, resources and (let’s admit it) brain space(!) to pour into a business, let alone try to figure out how to create a website. 

That’s where I come in. 

My goal is to use my passion to free you up to focus on yours.

I want to help you navigate the complexities of web design and come out victorious on the other side.  So here is my commitment to you –whether you are an individual, small-business, freelancer or organization– my goal is for you to have a website with: 

Clean design & structure

Professional quality & content 

Easy navigation

Accessibility in cost & time

That’s it. Plain & Simple. 

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About me

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